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Painting process

Automotive Mould Factory

Painting process:

  • Put into the product: put the coated object on the plug-in and start working

  • Electrostatic dust removal: remove the oil and dust from the injection molding

  • Preheating: For better coloring, give the coated material a little temperature

  • Primer spraying: cover the color of the plastic itself, and spray the color for the production.

  • Drying: through the temperature of the IR zone in the tunnel, semi-dry state, ready for the next spray

  • Surface coating: the color required to spray

  • Smooth and dry: smooth and dry through the tunnel

  • UV spray curing: combined with UV coating for instantaneous curing with the required amount of color (800~1200mj) required for UV365nm light coating

  • Ship and check the package