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CAE analysis

NVH analysis

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project

  • White body modal analysis

  • Car ride comfort analysis

  • Vibration isolation analysis of automotive powertrain suspension system

  • Engine intake and exhaust noise analysis

  • Transmission and Response Analysis of Suspension System and Steering System to Road Roughness Excitation

  • Analysis of ride comfort of drivers and passengers

  • Corresponding amplitude analysis of steering mechanism and instrument panel

  • Vibration and Noise Analysis of High-speed Flowing Air and Body Impact Friction

  • Analysis of the influence of the wear of gears, couplings and brake discs in the drive train on the NVH characteristics of the vehicle

CFD analysis

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project:

  • Analysis of drag coefficient of automobile external flow field

  • Noise analysis of starting flow field of automobile

  • Vehicle engine compartment thermal management analysis\defrost defogging\pneumatic noise source analysis

  • Analysis of engine in-cylinder combustion process

  • Fluid dynamics calculation of engine fuel supply system

  • Intake and exhaust system analysis

  • Cylinder cooling analysis

  • Thermal comfort analysis of automotive air conditioners

Structural strength

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project

  • Seat frame strength analysis

  • Bicycle skeleton strength analysis

  • Seat belt fixed point strength analysis

  • Bumper tow hook strength analysis

  • Strength analysis of automobile beam bracket

  • Strength analysis of wheel spokes

  • Strength analysis of engine components

  • Suspension structure strength analysis

  • Link Strength and Crankshaft Hole Distortion Analysis

  • Exhaust manifold crack, intake manifold strength analysis

  • Analysis of plastic deformation of front and rear bridges

  • Chassis strength analysis

  • Brake static analysis

Collision safety

Automotive mold processing

Simulation project:

  • Frontal 25%/40%/100% overlap collision

  • Back touch neck protection test

  • Moving barrier side impact test

  • Column side collision

  • Neck whipping test

  • AEB (pre-collision) test

  • Pedestrian protection test

  • Child protection project

  • Airbag test

  • Seat belt performance test

  • Luggage crash test

  • Roof strength test

Impact drop

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project

  • Toy products

  • Portable electronic products



Material molding

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project:

  • Front and rear longitudinal beam stamping simulation analysis

  • Simulation analysis of hood stamping

  • Simulation analysis of fender stamping

  • Side wall stamping simulation analysis

  • Top cover stamping simulation analysis

  • Door stamping simulation analysis

  • Simulation analysis of trunk lid stamping

  • Pipe fitting hydroforming analysis

Fatigue analysis

Automotive mold processing

Analysis Project

  • Contact fatigue

  • High temperature fatigue

  • Thermal fatigue

  • Corrosion fatigue

  • Fretting wear fatigue

  • Acoustic fatigue


Automotive mold processing

Rear protective beam size optimization

                            1535701196109111.png           1535701211209048.png

                                              Before lightweighting, after lightweighting


Suspension bracket topology optimization

   The middle card front suspension bracket adopts topology optimization and light weight, and the weight is reduced from the original 19.3Kg to 6.8Kg and the weight loss is 64.7% under the premise of meeting the requirements of strength and collision safety.


                     1535700677199925.png     1535700691259438.png

                                           Before lightweighting, after lightweighting