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CAE application



project description

In the bumper design and development stage, the structural performance of the bumper is analyzed and optimized according to RCAR-AZT, RCAR-BUMPER, ECE-R42, TOWING, PILLAR_CRASH and other test regulations.

Analysis content



  • ECE_R42



Using the Software 


Analysis result

AZT.png                 TOWING.PNG

Dashboard beam


project description

The dash cross member assembly design development phase, the dash cross member, steering column, steering wheel, vehicle etc. into rows operational modal stiffness, collision simulation performed by CAE analysis, designed to detect weaknesses and further Optimize and design the best products.

Analysis content

  • Modal analysis

  • Stiffness analysis

  • Sagging analysis

  • Side impact analysis

  • Knee hit analysis

Using the Software

HyperWorks, RADIOSS

Analysis result

model.PNG                 sagginng.PNG

         Figure-1: CCB Modal Analysis                                                                   Figure-2: Stiffness Analysis of CCB Mounting Fixed Points

rearview mirror


project description

In the design and development stage of automotive exterior mirrors, we rely onGB15084 ECE-R46 ,Each OEM and other test regulations require the creation of an FEA analysis model, and the vibration of the exterior mirrors is analyzed by FEA software.strength and wind noise performance.

Analysis content

  • Natural frequency

  • Frequency response

  • Strength ( involving material nonlinearity and contact )

  • Wind noise

Using the Software

HyperWorks, ANSYS, Fluent

Analysis result

Modal analysis.gif                 Strain energy.gif

Figure-1: Rear view mirror modal analysis  Figure-2: Rear view mirror strain energy                                                    

car seat


project description

With the increasing number of cars, people have higher and higher requirements for car safety performance. Automobile safety performance is divided into active safety and passive safety. Passive safety is a rapidly developing field in the automotive industry. The strength of the car seat is an important indicator of passive safety of the car.

Analysis content

  • Seat belt fixed point strength analysis

  • Positive impact analysis

  • Post-touch analysis

  • Luggage collision analysis

  • Head pillow static strength analysis

Using the Software

HyperWorks, LS-DYNA

Analysis result

avs_BR453_bd13b_dfc50_vo_belt_guide.png                 B_plast1_150ms_BR453_bd13b_dfc50_vo_belt_guide.png

Figure-1: Analytical loading conditions  Figure-2: Seat skeleton collision analysis                                                                    

Engine component


project description

In the part design and development stage, we create the FEA analysis model based on the actual application conditions of the product, and analyze the stress distribution and alternating stress of the parts through FEA software, and finally evaluate the fatigue performance of the product.

Analysis content

  • Fatigue analysis of die-cast aluminum parts

  • Fatigue analysis of plastic wheels

Using the Software


Analysis result



Figure-1: Fatigue analysis of die-cast aluminum parts


Figure-2: Fatigue Analysis of Plastic Wheels

Exhaust system


project description

In the design and development stage of the exhaust system, the CAE analysis model of the exhaust system is created, and the NVH characteristics of the exhaust system are analyzed by the application analysis software. The vibration of the exhaust system is mastered, and the optimization measures for selecting the suspension point of the exhaust system are proposed. The flow field characteristics of the exhaust system are analyzed to obtain the specific distribution of pressure, flow rate and temperature in the exhaust system, and the pressure loss of each main component is qualitatively calculated. To evaluate the overall performance of the exhaust system, and also to study the development and design methods of the muffler and exhaust system.

Analysis content

  • Heat transfer analysis

  • System thermal modal analysis

  • Thermal coupling analysis

  • Frequency response analysis

  • Static analysis

Using the Software

HyperWorks, ANSYS, ABAQUS, Nastran

Analysis result



Figure-1 Stress distribution and displacement of components under self-weight

Car door lock


project description

The car door lock is an electromechanical integrated function system that is driven by the accessory to realize the safe closing of the door. It is a sports mechanism that integrates functionality, safety and decoration. In the design and development stage, CAE simulation, optimized structure and reasonable material selection. Design the best product.

Analysis content

  • Static strength analysis

  • Random vibration simulation analysis

Using the Software

HyperWorks, ANSYS, ABAQUS, Nastran

Analysis result

Picture keyword         Picture keyword

 Figure-1: Static Strength Analysis

White body


project description

During the side impact of the car, the rigidity of the door plays a vital role in protecting the members. Through the simulation analysis of the door, the stiffness performance of the door can be investigated and appropriate improvement suggestions can be provided.

Analysis content

  • Horizontal stiffness analysis

  • Vertical stiffness analysis

Using the Software

HyperWorks, ABAQUS

Analysis result

Level.PNG                 Vertical stiffness analysis.png

Figure-1: Horizontal Stiffness Analysis                                                                   Figure-2: Vertical Stiffness Analysis 

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