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Mechanical performance test

Hardness Testing

Test items: Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, micro Vickers hardness, Brinell hardness, Shore hardness, nanoindentation hardness, Shore hardness, etc.

Test standards: ASTM E18, GB/T 230.1, ASTM D785, ISO 2039-2, GB/T 3398.2, GB/T 4340.1, ISO 6507, ASTM E384, GB/T 231.1, ASTM E10, and the like.


                                                                Brinell hardness measurement method

Stretching test

Test items: Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation after fracture Dimensional shrinkage Elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio Tensile strain hardening index Strain hardening

Test standards: GB/T 228.1, ASTM E8/E8M, ISO 6892-1, GB/T 1040, ISO 527, ASTM D638, etc.

          2015082504_04-1x240x180.png      2015082504_06-1x240x180.png

                                  Test demo                                                Material tensile curve                    

Bending and compression test

Test items: bending strength flexural modulus compressive strength compression yield point compression elastic modulus

Test standards: GB/T 232, ISO 7438, GB/T 9341, ISO 178, ASTM D790, GB/T 7314, GB/T 1041, etc.

          2015082504_07-1240x180.png      2015082504_09-1240x180.png

                                Bending test                                                  Compression test

Impact toughness test

Test items: Impact strength Impact toughness Low temperature brittleness Simply supported beam impact Cantilever beam impact

Test standards: ASTM E23, GB/T 229, GB/T 1043, GB/T 1843, etc.

                2015082504_11240x180.png      2015082504_12-1240x180.png

                                Test schematic                            Cantilever beam and simple beam demonstration

Fracture toughness test

Test items: fracture toughness crack opening displacement dynamic fracture toughness

Test standard: GB/T 4161

               2015082504_13240x180.png       112213.PNG

                            Static fracture toughness                            Crack propagation form

Fatigue performance

Test items: fatigue under symmetrical stress fatigue under asymmetric cyclic stress strain fatigue (low cycle fatigue) fatigue crack growth rate thermal fatigue test corrosion fatigue test contact fatigue test high temperature fatigue test low temperature fatigue test

Test standards: ISO 12108, GB/T 15248, GB/T 10622, ASTM E647, etc.

             2015082504_15-2240x180.png      2015082504_16.png

                                   High cycle fatigue                          Metal plate bending fatigue

High temperature mechanical properties

Test items: High temperature creep Durable strength Stress relaxation High temperature short time tensile test

Test standard: GB/T 4338, ISO 783, ASTM E21

                   2015082504_17x240x180.png      2015082504_18-1x240x180.png

                      High temperature stretching                                                Creep curve

Wear test

Test items: Adhesive wear Abrasive wear Contact wear Fretting wear

Test standard: GB/T 12444

                2015082504_19.png      2015082504_20-1.png

                                    Wearable parts                                             Wear performance curve