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China is expected to become the largest automobile mold manufacturing country

Automotive mold processing

Will Chinese automakers surpass Europe to become the world's number one? In 2013, China will produce nearly 20 million vehicles. In Europe in a broad sense, including Russia and even Turkey, the output of automobiles is 18 million. Although the prosperity of China's auto market mainly benefits foreign companies, the share of domestic producers is also growing. At the same time, China's automotive mold market has more than 70 billion output value.

Automotive mold refers to the mold used in the automotive field, and is known as the "mother of the automotive industry". More than 90% of the parts in automobile production rely on mold forming.

Automotive body molds, especially large and medium-sized cover molds, are an important part of the body manufacturing technology and a key link in the development of automotive self-development capabilities. Automotive mold products include automotive cover molds, tire molds, interior and exterior plastic molds, lamp molds, automobile bumper molds, and automobile dashboard molds. At present, there are more than 10 enterprises with an annual output value of automobile stamping molds exceeding 100 million yuan, and about 20 enterprises with 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan. These enterprises are the main force of China's automobile mold industry.

Since 2009, China's auto market has been heating up. According to statistics, in 2009 China's automobile production was 13.791 million units, an increase of 48.30% year-on-year. For the first time, it surpassed the United States and became the first country in the world. In 2010, with the full recovery of China's economy, China's auto industry as China's top ten revitalization industry, supported by national policies, coupled with the promotion of cars to the countryside, China's major auto companies have increased production, China's auto production exceeded 18 million vehicles that year. , to maintain the status of the world's production and sales number one. At the same time, foreign auto giants have turned their attention to the Chinese market, as their world's most important auto market has increased investment and productivity, of which automotive mold is also one of the important investment areas.

At the end of August 2011, China’s automobile ownership exceeded 100 million for the first time. The number of motor vehicles in the country reached 219 million. In 2011, the total production of automobiles was 18.41 million. It is estimated that by 2020, China's car ownership will exceed 200 million, and the annual update will still be as high as 15 million. With an annual export volume of about 5 million vehicles, the annual output of automobiles will remain 20 million.

"China is the world's largest automobile production and sales country, and the number of cars is expected to be the first in the world, but it has never been able to produce its own high-end cars. This is contrary to the development of the automotive mold industry, which is known as the "mother of the automobile industry". Relationship." Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association, said that in the developed countries of Germany, the United States, Japan and other automobile manufacturing industries, more than 40% of the mold industry's products are automobile molds, while in China only one third of the mold products are for automobiles. Manufacturing services. In general, the manufacture of a regular car itself requires about 1,500 molds, including nearly 1,000 stamping dies and more than 200 interior trim dies. Affected by the rapid development of China's auto industry, China's auto mold industry has shown rapid growth and market capacity has continued to expand. And with the continuous optimization of the industrial structure of China's automotive mold industry and the continuous advancement of technology, the proportion of high-end automotive mold products in the entire industry has gradually increased, and the average annual growth rate is expected to exceed 15% in the next five years.

Ten years ago, China's automobile stamping die industry was limited to only a few key enterprises such as FAW, Dongfeng, Tianqi, Chengfei and Nanqi, and has now grown to around 200. A large number of private enterprises have grown rapidly and have become quite large, and have become an important part of the automotive mold industry.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2010, the sales revenue of China's mold industry reached 139.657 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 32.12%. According to China, one-third of the molds are used in the conservative calculation of the automobile manufacturing industry. At present, the sales revenue of automobile molds in China exceeds 45 billion yuan, of which the sales scale of automobile stamping dies is about 18 billion yuan.

According to the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the Mould Manufacturing Industry promulgated by China Mould Industry Association, the sales volume of the industry will reach 174 billion yuan by 2015, of which export molds account for about 15%, and the domestic mold self-distribution rate in the domestic market reaches 85% or more. The proportion of medium and high-grade molds has reached more than 40%.

"According to the level of developed countries such as Japan and the United States, if the proportion of China's mold service to the automobile manufacturing industry can reach 40% by 2015, the total sales of China's automobile mold industry will reach 70 billion yuan by 2015. Luo Baihui believes that in addition to the huge demand for auto mold industry launched by various auto manufacturers every year, the mid-term redesign and small redesign models have huge demand for the auto mold industry. These demands will be accompanied by China's auto society. The process has existed for a long time.

According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2009, more than 220 new models were introduced for domestic passenger cars, including nearly 50 new models and about 170 models. According to the statistics of China Die & Mould Industry Association, the value of the automobile cover parts required for designing and manufacturing a new model is about 100 million yuan; on average, about 25% of the cover parts of each modified model need to be replaced, with a value of about 25 million yuan. Based on the new models launched in 2009, the annual market demand for passenger car cover moulds in China is over 9 billion yuan.

According to incomplete statistics, as of December 24, 2010, a total of 141 new cars were launched, including 69 new models, and the remaining 72 models were redesigned. It is expected that the number of new and redesigned models in China's auto market will continue to increase significantly in the next few years.

The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan severely affected the Japanese auto industry, prompting Japanese auto parts companies to accelerate their transfer to emerging markets such as China. For Japanese component manufacturers, strengthening their vitality in emerging markets such as China will be an important way to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the automotive industry. In addition, in order to prevent similar risks, many national auto giants have begun to re-evaluate globally, hoping to find new partners or establish relatively safe production bases. Chinese auto mold companies will usher in the baton of the world mold manufacturing center.

At present, a series of negative factors brought about by the rapid development of China's automobile industry have begun to appear, such as traffic gambling and automobile exhaust. In addition, with the economic recovery, the "car to the countryside" policy has also withdrawn, car consumption is cumulative consumption, and in recent years, residents' income growth is slow, the future development of China's auto industry will slow down, but will remain high The development level and promote the sustained and stable development of the automotive mold market. Luo Baihui said that China's automotive mold design and manufacturing level continues to improve, mold quality continues to improve, mold prices are only about 70% of Japan, less than 50% of European and American prices, China's mold products cost-effective advantages are increasingly obvious. This will greatly promote the development of China's automobile industry, and also provide more cost-effective automotive parts for the world's automotive industry.

Due to the increasing requirements for the safety, aesthetics and comfort of automobiles, the speed of car manufacturers to launch new products and the quality requirements of automobiles are also rising. "Short, high and low" have also become the car manufacturers' proposal for the automotive mold industry. New requirements. Among them, “short” means short cycle, “high” means high precision and high quality, and “low” means low cost and low price.

According to the development trend of automobiles, the technical content of automotive mold products will increase day by day. Large-scale, complicated, precise and automated are the development direction.

Although the rapid development of China's auto industry has promoted the rapid development of China's auto mold industry, overall, China's auto mold design and manufacturing level is still far behind Japan, Germany, the United States and other countries, such as low-tech molds have been oversupply, and technology Medium and high-grade molds with high content are insufficient in production capacity. For example, high-end molds such as precision and complex injection molds and car cover molds still rely mainly on imports. At the same time, China's automotive molds have low service life, long production cycle, poor quality reliability and stability, and other problems that have long plagued the development of the industry.

Compared with the automobile mold industry in developed countries such as Japan, the United States and Germany, China also has a large gap in research and development capabilities, personnel quality, and research on the basic theory and technology of mold design and manufacturing, thus causing new fields in the mold. Development and development of new products are slower, and the proportion of high-tech molds is much lower than that of foreign countries.

The automotive mold industry is a technology, talent and capital intensive industry. The automobile mold is a single-piece customized product with complex structure and high precision. The above characteristics of the product require the enterprise to have strong product development capability and high technical level. At the same time, due to the continuous updating of technology, the enterprise must accurately grasp the product. Depends on the development direction of the industry and continuously carries out technological innovation. Therefore, automotive mold manufacturing enterprises need to have a group of high-quality scientific research personnel and a large number of experienced technicians and skilled workers.

At the same time, although the number of automobile mold manufacturing enterprises in China has increased continuously in recent years, the production capacity has also increased. However, most of the industrial enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, some molds with lower technical level have higher output, which has caused the oversupply situation in the low-end market. In the high-end market, products are in short supply, and even most of the key products need to be imported from abroad. The supply and demand situation of products is not optimistic.

 As China's automobile production has been increasing year by year, domestic and foreign-owned automobile mold enterprises have made great achievements in the Chinese automobile market, which has satisfied the hot domestic demand and export demand to some extent, and also created a good upgrade for China's automobile mold industry. Opportunity.

According to the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the automobile industry, China will promote the coordinated development of the automobile industry and related industries, urban transportation infrastructure and environmental protection, from a large automobile manufacturing country to a car power. The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the mold industry also clearly stated that it encourages automobile mold enterprises to develop various forms of industrial alliances through capital operation, professional integration, optimization and restructuring, and promote the development of the industry.

Luo Baihui believes that China's automobile mold industry relies on the huge automobile production and sales market, and has achieved rapid development in recent years. However, the development level of the automobile mold industry will directly determine the quality and status of the "Made in China" automobile products. Really in the high-end market in the world, the automotive mold industry has a long way to go.