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Automotive stamping design

The application of stamping parts in our industrial production is more and more extensive, and it is more common in the welding and production industries. In this industry, we often encounter the problem of selecting stamping equipment. The following small series will help you solve the problem in daily life. Knowledge about the stamping parts encountered in production: 
  1) What equipment is required for simple metal stamping parts? 
  Pressing machine, air compressor and washing machine for cleaning products, polishing machine for grinding burrs and edging products. If it is a mold opening of its own company, it is also necessary to prepare equipment for opening molds, such as bench drills, sparks, etc. Wait. 
  2) How to measure the true thickness of 
  automotive stampings The thickness measurement conditions of automotive stampings allow hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauges. This is a relatively ideal thickness measuring device because most of the surface of automotive stampings has a certain curvature. And the thickness of each part of the part after forming is different. 
  3) How do automotive decompression warehouses generally dehumidify?

In many cases, we are installing industrial dehumidifiers. The number of specific installations is determined by the size of the warehouse.


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