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  • Analysis of heat treatment of mold materials

    The heat treatment of the mold material is a very important process in the mold manufacturing process. The heat treatment can change the structure and properties of the material to ensure the final se

  • Causes damage to die-casting molds

    Causes of damage to die-casting molds:    In die-casting production, the most common form of mold damage is cracking and cracking. Stress is the main cause of mold damage. Thermal,

  • China's automotive mold development prospects

    The rapidly developing Chinese automobile industry has brought a broad space for development of domestic automotive molds. In addition, due to cost and market factors, the focus of mold manufactu

  • China is expected to become the largest automobile mold manufacturing country

    Will Chinese automakers surpass Europe to become the world's number one? In 2013, China will produce nearly 20 million vehicles. In Europe in a broad sense, including Russia and even Tur

  • What is a stamping die

      Stamping die is a special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing, called cold stamping die (commonly known

  • It must be reasonable to make stamping parts and welding materials.

      Automotive stampings are metal stampings that make up automotive parts. In the automotive stamping parts, part of the stamping parts directly become auto parts, and the other part is stamped an

  • Advantages of Acumen Automotive Mould

    Advantages of Acumen Automotive Mould  (1) The production and production process of automobiles has been greatly developed. Through the modeling, CAE finite element analysis and die stamping process,

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